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A premier Fintech company was facing a crisis wherein the transactions were getting slower by the day.

The client had multiple challenges in ensuring uptime of the resources. They were completely depended on the colocation provider for their infra needs including security and networking. They had severe scale problems too due to which they had to size the infra for peaky traffic. On top of this, there were huge performance bottlenecks. There were even issues of SPOF, lack of automation. There was an intent to solve these problems but unsure of how to address them.


Techpartner spent time and understood the whole setup. After a complete study involving their application stack, network stack and database stack Techpartner spent time with their team in understanding their problem statements. Techpartner did a thorough analysis and came up with following…

Provided an in-depth analysis of long running database queries and tune them to reduce the execution time. Analysed the thread dump to identify the issue within the application. Identified the SPOF and help them to create the HA architecture to eliminate the SPOF at all the levels.

Implemented the Automated CICD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) solution to take care for all application deployment. Configured and Installed the Directory Server for managing User and group across the systems. Implemented the Centralised logging server for the engineering team so that no direct access to production system would be needed.

Reduction in query execution time. Fine tuning the application helped to take 10x more load with the same hardware. CI/CD implementation reduces the turnaround time for deployment. User management made easy and component base access with Centralise logging were appreciated during PCI Audits.

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