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Today, there is no process that is not touched by technology. Right from managing bank statements to filing tax returns, from the printing of the inventory list at your local grocery store to the tracking of advertisements online to show up exactly what you could be of interest to you, technology is everywhere.

Technology is a critical enabler to the functioning of every business, be it advertising, targeting, logistics or procurement of stock. As technological assets are not a one block unit that comes in a pack, people keep stacking up a few relevant blocks every now and then. The problem arises when there these a lot of this jigsaw puzzle pieces that don’t seem to fit into each other to form a seamless unit. Moreover, different technologies sometimes fail to communicate between themselves, throwing up errors as a result. This requires human intervention and supervision.

So is technology giving you a sense of freedom that it was supposed to deliver? Perhaps not. One solution comes with another bunch of unannounced issues. If you are an MSME or an SME, you would understand what we are trying to say here.

We at Techpartner, however, see this differently. Smaller companies have the advantage to get the IT blocks rearranged as it’s easier to move fast within a less rigid corporate structure. As for the execution, we are the experts. We restructure all of the dumb terminals to start communicating with one another, in a way which makes sense to the business. All the IT systems too are brought under the same platform, accessible from any location or device thanks to the cloud integration facilities.

Perspective is everything. Sometimes, when you’re so close to your business, it’s hard to see the opportunities that are lying on your way, waiting to be exploited.

The roadblock of small and medium-sized firms is perspective. Dynamic business leaders can see challenges coming over the horizon and they are prepared when the storm blows in. This pandemic has taught us all why keeping our IT infra accessible via the cloud is absolutely critical.

Maybe the pandemic is a blessing in disguise. William Wrigley Jr was a soap and baking powder salesman who offered free chewing gum with every purchase before he realised that his gum was becoming more popular than the cleaning products. Business leaders need to spot the potential of an idea or a situation and have the courage to experiment with changing scenarios.

The customer, the way to manage the business… the core will always remain the same, but the way it is done will always keep changing.

Clear, collective leadership and the willingness to keep embracing change is the key. For the rest of the action, we are just a call away.

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