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120 +
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Creating Value

We dive deep and understand your IT Roadblocks to “Guide” you to your Best-fit solution(s), not “Push” a solution that’s best-fit for all.

Understanding enterprise technologies and legacy systems, we guide on the best possible direction to adopt existing and emerging tech.

Technology integration is most efficient when aligned to your IT environment. Our experts customize solutions ensuring operational feasibility before implementation.

Modernization is only a job half done. We meet the extra mile – delivering a scalable transformation model for replication across multiple processes/units.

Offerings & Solutions

Foundation of One Tech Convergence, where Future shapes up Today.

INET Business Suite

Simplifying IT Resource Management At Every Step.

A comprehensive in-house IT resource management solution suite, INET is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use server with integrated features. It comes with a rich graphical interface and can be enhanced with modules customizable on the requirement.


Single-sign on collaborative file-sharing and editing module.


Security module with advanced firewall, VPN, and access controls.


Inventory and management solution of assets, contracts, vendors.


Module to manage tasks and address tickets with detailed reporting.


Helps monitoring your IT resources and generate alerts on pre-defined conditions.


Your Spyglass For Complete Visibility Into AWS Environment.

TPInsight is an online tool that provides real-time insight into your AWS property at the AWS account level. It offers you an overview to ensure consistency with your environment, optimize your costs, sensitize on security implications, and ensure compliance.

Solution Focus Areas At A Glance

  • User Identity & Access Management
  • Inventory on-demand
  • AZ distribution and AMI backup across regions
  • Domain/SSL certificates and expiry
  • List of Security groups
  • Visibility on unused EBS volumes
  • RDS/Aurora cluster reservation details
  • List of Load Balancers and underlying instances

What’s Unique

Into the Mechanisms of the Technology Evolution Compass.

A capable TechOps partner to startups and enterprises, we bring a one tech convergence with team expertise in infrastructure architecting and management, SDLC processes, automation, migration, and colocation. Together, these are the waypoints of the technology evolution of businesses – a compass to transform their IT landscape.

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A tomorrow at Tech Partner means an opportunity to grow as a Professional and an Individual. The principles of our work culture are centered around LIFE – a four-pillar paradigm harnessing the best out of everyone in our family inside office walls.


Live Every

to the fullest of your potential and work with positivity.


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and collaborate with an open mind.


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and no workday is complete without a bit of happy banter.


Experience Beyond Office Walls

and projects and KPIs a community with your colleagues.

Client Testimonial

Hi Techpartner Team, I would like to extend my appreciation and sincere thanks for the incredible work the team has done over the last year.
On behalf of the team at CNH, we thank you for your dedication and commitment to the project and for the commendable support shown throughout the tenure. It was a pleasure working with you guys and we would love to collaborate again in the future when the opportunity arises.
I wish the TP team all the very best and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Sandeesh S,Senior Director of Engineering @ CNH Care

It is indeed a great collaboration and team work. Appreciate all your ownership and commitment in delivering the project on time !

Sankar T,VP Engineering, Jupiter Money

Techpartner and team have been delivering amazing IT infrastructure support and service at Webaroo over the last few years. The team is very well versed in Datacenter set up and operations including server and network configurations, the system set up and application deployments. They have also great experience in supporting our employee IT needs and security. I would highly recommend them given their great IT infrastructure support and service skills and experience.

Ravi Sundararajan,COO,

When it comes to IT infrastructure, be it scaling or security or optimization, we rely upon and trust Techpartner for each of our need. They have in depth knowledge of every aspect of IT operations and have given us apt solutions as per our need. My unequivocal recommendation to use their service and expertise in the field of IT infrastructure and operations.

Omkar Sathe,Co-founder,

I want to convey that I am very thankful for Techpartner’s support overall, not just for today. They do an astonishing job when there is a problem. I cannot thank them enough for helping me with this. 5 out of 5 stars. Couldn't be any better.

Krish Advani,Co-founder,

I must say that it has been one of the most productive quarters of the IT Ops team. You and your team have done a very good job of streamlining all the IT processes and systems. The IT Ops team of CarWale is gaining lots of learning from you and they are doing very well under your guidance. I believe we will do lots of exciting things together in the coming months. Thanks for associating with us.

Rajeev Kumar,VP Technology,

The Techpartner team understood what working to tight deadlines, under pressure was all about. I can honestly say that the depth of knowledge, service, and professionalism displayed was second-to-none. I would recommend Techpartner Technology to any organisation that needed integrity, commitment, depth of knowledge and experience.

Kadam Jeet,Co-founder,

I was truly impressed by the quality of work and dedication from the Techpartner team, they know their stuff. They helped us migrate our platform to a better setup seamlessly and continue to support us on our Infra and DevOps work.

Naveen Bindal,VP Engineering & IT Systems,

The journey began with us being a very over-simplified Infra spread (several single points of). Within a 2 week period Techpartner helped us jot down and execute a plan that started converting our Infra spread on AWS to look more like that of a professional company should. From setting up the entire deployment behind a VPN to set up the required monitoring tools to giving us appropriate consulting on MySQL and Tomcat deployment best practices, they have added a lot of value to our organisation’s Infra needs. The best part of working with them is the response time that one gets for issue responses. We would highly recommend Techpartner for any organisation’s Infra needs.

Harish Patel,Co-Founder, Vitruvian Technologies

Techpartner is a partner in true sense, someone who can be trusted for all your DevOps needs. I have been using their services for about 4 years now (both at CitrusPay and at EnKash), I have never been disappointed. Their knowledge of AWS cloud infrastructure is very good and they continuously keep trying for newer and more efficient ways to manage workloads. They have earlier helped me migrate workloads from dedicated servers to a cloud environment and then scale it as required. Techpartner has been instrumental in supporting my PCI-DSS requirements as well. I can depend on them when it comes to timely and high-quality deliverables.

Naveen Bindal,Co-founder,

We at Mygola, hired Techpartner to implement and manage our IT resources built on top of Amazon Web Services. This included the usage of Amazon VPC, Load Balancer, S3, Fine-tuned AMI, VPN, LDAP, DB setup and regular backup for Mygola databases and Redis cache. The Techpartner team was also responsible for the day-to-day running of the AWS infrastructure, as well as the provision of technical support for all our technical queries. I would recommend Techpartner to any organisation that is looking for a company that is packed with integrity, commitment, depth of knowledge and experience. I can honestly say that the depth of knowledge, service and professionalism displayed was second-to-none.

Kadam Jeet Jain,VP Engineering, Mygola Technologies

Techpartner is responsive, aligned to customer requirement and all their employees are with customer FIRST approach. Good technical team to support you can rely on then for your infrastructure on 24*7 support in case of emergency.

Rajendra Raut,DGM Information Technology, K Raheja Corp

I have been very fortunate to have them on board with us from day one. Their work ethic and response time is exemplary. It has ensured that as a business owner I am in good hands. I am grateful for the support I have gotten from them and I look forward to a fruitful future partnership.

Yajush Khosla,Partner, Kyssa Farms LLP

Techparter has been a fantastic companion in journey from starting up to scaling up. Thier technical expertise places them as consultanting partners rather than just implementation vendors.

Mitesh Jain,Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Symbo Insurance

The Techpartner team helped us in effectively managing our Cloud infrastructure for over a year. The team helped us lay down the scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure for our applications. They were proactive in resolving the issues faced by our customers and us. Many of the time, the Tech Partner team goes above and beyond expectations on effectively monitoring and managing our cloud services. They ensured minimal to negligible downtime for the servers by placing the right set of tools in utilization.

Bipul SahayVice President & Head of Technology, Medvarsity Online Ltd.

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