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Let’s face it, remote working as a culture is here to stay. The earlier we get settled, the better it is for our business. Working from home with a laptop connected to the Internet is great if all you need to do is to read and send our e-mails. But keeping the entire business functions up and running seamlessly is where the expertise is required.

  • How do I coordinate with all the departments to talk to each other?
  • How do I access all of my DATA & Files from anywhere and any device?
  • How do I access CRM/ERP/Tally/SAP etc… remotely?

As organisations across the globe are asking their workforce to work from home, security and seamless accessibility becomes even more important for the remote user.  Corporate VPN setups are typically not scoped for large numbers of off-site workers, and up scaling these accesses could be expensive, slow, as well as a complicated process for most businesses.

  • How do I ensure that all my data is secure?
  • How to ensure automatic backup of data?
  • How to collaborate and share the data?

The answer? INet Business Suite is a powerful, flexible and easy way to connect your IT resources over the internet so that you have easy and secure access and can operate seamlessly. The rich customisable graphical interface is a delight as it helps you to manage your IT infrastructure with fewer overheads and more effectively.

The second most populated country is currently under ‘total lockdown’ for 21 days to combat the spread of the pandemic. Your business too has to not just survive, but operate at optimum levels. As we dig ourselves into our battle zones, trying to work from our homes, I am sure there are a lot of hurdles you may face and we are here to help you get going. All you got to do is drop us an e-mail.

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