TP Insight

Delve Deep Into AWS Environment Visibility


Manage AWS In An Efficient Way

TPInsight is a web-based application that gives you real-time information about your AWS property at the account level. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of your AWS environment, allowing you to save costs, be more aware of security risks, and maintain compliance.


Optimized Costs

Sensitizes Security Implications

Compliant With ISO27001, PCI DSS

TP Insight

Ecosystem Of Differentiating Features

AZ Distribution

Lists out inventory across different AZs.


Lists out complete inventory of on-demand and spot instances across AWS regions.

IAM User

Users’ roles, last activity date and time, key and password age, and multi-factor authentication information are all displayed.

AMI Backup

Provides end to end region-wise listing of all AMI backups


Lists data regarding instance reservations and type of reservations

Domain/SSl Expiry

Assess and list domains and SSL certificates, together with their validity dates.

Security Groups

Lists out security groups with their names and ports allowed.


This function displays any unused public IP addresses.

S3 Bucket

Lists out S3 buckets along with their permissions and bucket policies.


If any unused EBS volumes are found, they are scanned and listed.


RDS/Aurora clusters are listed along with snapshots and reservation information.

Load Balancer

Lists out Classic/Application/Network load balancers with underlying instances/target groups

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