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About Nailbiter

Nailbiter is revolutionizing traditional Market Research through its innovative “Behavioral Videometrics Platform”. With the help of a mobile app, customers can now capture real behavior, enabling a more accurate understanding of consumer preferences. By analyzing thousands of recorded videos, Nailbiter uncovers proven patterns that customers can leverage for in-depth analysis. These insights empower businesses to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to drive their growth.


The client has expressed a need to employ cost optimized solution for their application which includes the solution for speech-to-text conversion for their business, specifically for converting videos recorded by their customers using a mobile app.



After carefully considering the client’s requirements, Techpartner recommended the use of AWS Transcribe, an Amazon Web Services speech-to-text solution. And as part of cost optimization for the application Techpartner recommended moving towards the Containerised approach using AWS EKS Service with base node running on the ARM (Graviton) based processors. This recommendation was made based on the fact that the client’s entire infrastructure was already hosted on AWS, making integration with this service seamless.

Overall, the architecture of the AWS Transcribe service along with EKS, as implemented by Techpartner, facilitated seamless and managed speech-to-text conversion for the client’s video files with a cost effective scalable solution due to ARM (Graviton) based processors.


By leveraging AWS Transcribe, the client successfully fulfilled their requirements for fast, easy, and highly accurate speech-to-text conversion. This fully managed service has become an integral part of their business growth strategy. Key features of AWS Transcribe have proven instrumental in their success.

Key features like Easy-to-read Transcription, Timestamp Generation, Custom Vocabulary, Recognize multiple Speakers & Streaming Transcription provided by AWS Transcribe have not only addressed the client’s current speech-to-text conversion needs but also offer potential for future improvements and increased precision.

Utilizing ARM-based Graviton processors in conjunction with AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has significantly enhanced our client’s infrastructure, yielding both cost-effective and performance-boosting benefits. This strategic integration not only optimized their operating expenses but also delivered a notable performance uplift. As a result, we observed a remarkable 20% increase in user engagement time on our client’s platforms. This improvement underscores the potency of combining Graviton’s processing efficiency with EKS’s robust orchestration capabilities, exemplifying our commitment to delivering solutions that are not just economically savvy but also performance-oriented.