INET Business Suite

IT Resource Management Simplified


Suite That Makes Your Bottom Line Stronger

INET Business Suite is a powerful, versatile, and simple-to-use server that has built-in capabilities that make managing your IT resources a breeze. It has a user-friendly graphical interface and can be supplemented with modules that may be customised to meet specific needs.

Our Offerings

360 Degrees IT Infrastructure Management

biz Cloud

Featuring single-sign on, encrypted file/contact/calendar sharing, and cross-device access for collaborative editing.

  • Access, Sync and Share Data Anytime, Anywhere
  • Undelete/Restore file
  • Group Chat among the teams for collaboration
  • Manage revisions of the file
  • Task Manager

biz Connect

biz Connect secures and protects your environment by utilising a powerful firewall, VPN for remote connectivity, online access with access control rules, and so on maintaining high availability.

Advanced firewall & Routing

Advanced HTTP proxy

Intrusion Prevention System

Traffic Shaping and QoS

Virtual Private Network

Mail filter

biz Manage

Level up your game of efficiently managing inventory and asset management, DHCP, DNS, Web/FTP server etc.

  • Relevant inventory information
  • Web Administration Console
  • Plugins support through API
  • Management of the contracts
  • User interface (calendar) for reservation of inventory
  • Budget management
  • Powerful deployment system & Network Scan
  • Multiple operating systems support
  • Management of vendors and associated contacts
  • Management of documents related to inventories, contracts

biz Track

With biz Track speed up managing tasks and trouble issues, with fantastic reports tossed in for good measure.

  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Ticket Lists in Multiple Formats (Atom, iCal, etc.)
  • Automatic Duplicate task/ticket Detection
  • Automatic Username Completion or Drop-Down User Lists
  • Save and Share Searches
  • Email Notifications Controlled By User Preferences
  • Scheduled Reports (Daily, Weekly, Hourly, etc.) by Email
  • Private Attachments and Comments
  • Move Bugs Between Installs

biz Monitor

Monitoring your IT resources and issuing notifications based on predefined parameters becomes a cake walk with biz Monitor

  • Quick Response Mechanism
  • Meet all SLAs
  • Reduce downtime and business losses
  • Automate problem detection & solutioning
  • Monitor your entire infrastructure and business processes
  • Plan and manage budget for IT upgrades

Shape The Future Holistically.