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Executive Summary
A premier online payment gateway company had its infrastructure co-located in a data center with managed services from them.


The Client’s Challenge
The client had multiple challenges in ensuring uptime of the resources. They were completely dependent on colo provider for their infra needs including security and networking. They had severe scale problems too due to which they had to size the infra for peaky traffic. To top it all, the technology refresh cycle was to be periodically resulting in allocation of extensive resources.


Insight to Action
Techpartner spent time and understood the whole setup. After a complete study involving their application stack, network stack and database stack TP spent time with their team in understanding their problem statements. The Techpartner team did a thorough analysis and came up with a plan to help migrate to the new setup to AWS. The TCO analysis clearly weighed in favour of AWS as the infra management piece was completely out of the plate.

The Techpartner team also showcased automation using various AWS and open source tools which improved the productivity including CI/CD.


With the whole plan approved and project co-funded by AWS, the migration activity was a smooth affair with zero burden on the client. The whole setup being certified on various standards and compliances, the client had to only now think of application level compliances. With great amount of savings, improved productivity and greater uptime it was win-win solution for all.


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