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The leading enterprise messaging company is India’s largest enterprise messaging platform provider catering to top corporates in India and abroad. The client was looking for an IT infrastructure, which could scale from few users to millions of users with 99.99% uptime.

The client was coming up with a new product addressing to prospective to customers worldwide. They also wanted to get started quickly and scale as they grow with no shortcomings. And last but not the least the TCO has to be very much favourable.

Techpartner spent time and understood the whole setup. After a complete study TP proposed the AWS model. We quickly got AMIs ready and setup a full blown infrastructure including VPC, VPN etc. Load balancer was selected and purchased from market place based on our study and analysis.

Entire infrastructure was based on dedicated instances as we wanted to understand the need trend.

The whole setup is now migrated to reserved (1year heavy) instance helping the client reduce the monthly cost from around 6000 USD to 1290 USD with one time cost of around 20000 USD.

With AWS, client is having the flexibility of scaling out or scaling up as and when needed. With rich IAM features, even the developers are given the freedom to own and use instances programmatically.

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