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A premier private bank was looking to modernise its applications and automate the whole CI/CD process. They were keen on making the existing architecture more modular and take advantage of microservices. They wanted to move from Solaris and WebLogic platform to open source using Linux and Tomcat which are more flexible.


The Techpartner team suggested the use of docker based approach which will reduce the cost of management of VM in terms of its usage. Kubernetes was used for docker orchestration in HA mode using multiple masters, thus making the cluster highly available in case of any base node failures.

Application along with Pod monitoring and logging was set up to provide a single view on the current status of Infra to the support team.


CI/CD Process – For production deployment, docker registry was configured to hold versioned docker images. Jenkins jobs were configured to build docker image from code repository and to automatically pull required docker image and deploy to the Kubernetes cluster.


The bank was able to benefit from the microservices architecture with streamlined CI/CD process. By moving to microservices architecture in a containerised environment, they were no longer dependent on any proprietary platform. By using Jenkins and private docker registry, they were able to restrict deployment processes to authorised users only with approval. This led to a more streamlined and controlled CI/CD process with minimum downtime and zero human intervention.

1. Docker
2. Kubernetes orchestration
3. etcd database
4. ELK
5. Prometheus/Grafana
6. Haproxy
7. Keepalived

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