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Executive Summary
Carwale is India’s largest auto media vehicle. It provides an online platform for automobile owners and buyers to research, sell, buy or just discuss about their vehicles.

The Client’s Challenge

The client had multiple challenges in ensuring uptime of the resources. They were completely dependent on colo provider for their infra needs including build deployment, security and networking. They had severe scale problems too due to which they had to size the infra for peaky traffic. On top of this there was tech refresh cycle that was to be done regularly resulting in allocation of extensive resources. And last but not the least the TCO was not to be very much favourable.

Insight to Action

Techpartner spent time and understood the whole setup. After a complete study involving their application stack, network stack and database stack the Techpartner team spent time understanding the problem statements, did a thorough analysis and came up with a plan to help migrate to the new setup to AWS. The TCO analysis clearly weighed in favour of AWS as the infra management piece was completely out of the plate.

Techpartner also showcased automation using various AWS and open source tools which improved the productivity including CI/CD.

Techpartner also showcased the advantages of migrating to open source including MSSQL.


With AWS, client is having the flexibility of scaling out or scaling up as and when needed. The elasticity really helped them scale to handle 8X traffic during Bharat IV standards roll out and more recently GST. With rich IAM features, even the developers are given the freedom to own and use instances programmatically. The client could save a lot by migrating to open source database from MSSQL with no compromise on performance and scale.

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