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Elevate your business efficiency and scalability with Tech Partner Alliance’s expert AWS cloud solutions, tailored to drive your digital transformation.


AWS Cloud Computing Services

Trust Tech Partner Alliance as your top-notch AWS consulting provider for expert guidance during digital transformation. Our certified experts specialize in implementing, overseeing, and enhancing AWS solutions to boost productivity, scalability, and security. We use custom strategies to seamlessly align your business goals with AWS’s powerful cloud capabilities, resulting in progress and pioneering. Whether you’re transitioning to the cloud, fine-tuning current infrastructures, or exploring innovative cloud-native applications, consider us your valued ally in maximizing the full potential of AWS.

Our Range of AWS Cloud Computing Services

At Tech Partner Alliance, we provide personalized Cost Optimization Services to enhance your AWS investment and optimize the value of your cloud infrastructure without incurring high costs. Our approach includes a detailed analysis of your current AWS usage, identifying potential areas for streamlining and recommending ways to align with AWS best practices. From reserved instances to efficient resource sizing, leveraging autoscaling, and modernizing applications for serverless architectures, our comprehensive services address all aspects of cost optimization. Our goal is to help companies achieve a healthy equilibrium between cost efficiency and operational excellence by turning cloud expenses into a valuable strategic investment instead of a financial burden.

Cost Optimization Services

The AWS Migration Services offered by Tech Partner Alliance provide a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to transfer their digital infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. Our approach overcomes common challenges associated with migration, such as downtime, data loss, and security concerns. By utilizing state-of-the-art tools and techniques, we ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient migration process. Our services encompass thorough planning, execution, and post-migration support tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each organization. Whether you are moving applications, databases, or entire data centers, our expert team guarantees a smooth transition to the cloud that optimizes your operations for sustainable growth.Cloud Strategy & Consulting.

Tech Partner Alliance’s Cloud Strategy & Consulting service is an essential resource for organizations seeking to maximize the potential of the cloud in a strategic and efficient manner. Through our personalized consultancy, we work with you to create a customized framework that aligns with your business goals and drives optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. Our experienced consultants prioritize scalability, security, and agility as they guide you through each step of your journey towards cloud transformation – from initial evaluation and planning to execution and optimization. Whether navigating complex multi-cloud environments or striving for seamless digital transformation, our strategic insights and solutions pave the way for success in this new age of cloud computing.

Here at Tech Partner Alliance, we offer the highly sought-after service of an AWS Well-Architected Review. This review is carefully designed to assess and improve the structure of your AWS setups, following the principles outlined in the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Our team of accredited AWS professionals conducts a comprehensive evaluation focused on five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. By thoroughly examining these aspects, we uncover any potential issues that could impact your cloud infrastructure’s productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. With our thorough analysis and expert recommendations, you can trust that your AWS deployments align with best practices and drive optimal results for your business.

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)

At Tech Partner Alliance, our AWS Managed Services offers a comprehensive range of solutions for streamlining, overseeing, and protecting your AWS infrastructure. This frees up businesses to concentrate on their primary tasks, while we handle the intricacies of cloud management. Our services encompass continuous monitoring, automation, and cloud operations, as well as security and compliance management. Our aim is to ensure that your AWS environment runs smoothly, securely, and cost-effectively at all times. With our extensive knowledge of AWS, we assist you in getting the most out of your cloud investment by minimizing operational workload, and improving system performance and scalability. All of this is customized to meet your specific business requirements and goals.

Through our partnership with Tech Partner Alliance, you can count on reliable protection for your web applications on Amazon Web Services. Our priority is safeguarding your applications from prevalent web threats that could disrupt accessibility, compromise security, or drain resources. With AWS WAF, we implement customized rules to thwart common attack techniques such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), while still permitting authorized traffic. Our experienced team consistently enhances your application’s defenses, proactively mitigating evolving threats and providing confidence in the security and resilience of your web applications.

Tech Partner Alliance’s DevOps / Automations service harnesses the capabilities of AWS to simplify and enhance your software development and operational procedures. Through embracing a DevOps mindset and utilizing AWS automation features, we facilitate continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) practices, accelerating development cycles, increasing operational efficiency, and ensuring dependable software rollouts. Our focus is on streamlining infrastructure management, code deployments, and application monitoring, fostering improved collaboration between development and operational teams. By implementing these methods, we empower you to achieve greater agility, operational excellence, and innovation in your software delivery approach.

Tech Partner Alliance’s AWS Graviton service, you can harness state-of-the-art performance and cost-effectiveness with the help of AWS Graviton processors. These processors, specifically designed for cloud workloads by AWS, offer significant advancements in both efficiency and cost savings. Our comprehensive service not only includes migrating existing workloads but also optimizing new applications to fully utilize the capabilities of AWS Graviton. This guarantees that your applications will run more effectively than ever before. Whether your focus is on reducing expenses, enhancing application performance, or meeting sustainability objectives, our personalized approach to utilizing AWS Graviton ensures that we fulfill all your requirements. Experience optimal performance and cost-efficiency in your cloud environment through our incomparable AWS Graviton service at Tech Partner Alliance.

Tech Partner Alliance provides a complete package of AWS Database Migration & Managed Services, streamlining the transfer of your databases to AWS cloud environments. Our service aims to reduce downtime and ensure a seamless migration process, regardless of whether you are transitioning from an on-premises system or another cloud provider. In addition to migration, our team is skilled in managing and optimizing your AWS databases for optimal security, scalability, and performance. By utilizing our services, companies can take advantage of AWS’s robust database features, freeing up resources and improving efficiency while maintaining data integrity and availability.

As a tech partner, we specialize in creating Proof of Concepts (POCs) and Implementations for AWS solutions. Our goal is to offer businesses a risk-free method of exploring cutting-edge cloud technologies. Our service centers on validating your concepts through tangible, functional models that demonstrate the feasibility and potential impact of new solutions on your operations. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from initial idea to full implementation, ensuring that the chosen AWS technologies align with your business goals and produce measurable results. This approach not only reduces risk in technology investments but also expedites time-to-market for new projects and provides a clear path for expanding successful ventures. With us as your partner, your business can boldly innovate without hesitation.

Tech Partner Alliance offers a comprehensive selection of Backup & Disaster Recovery Services on AWS, ensuring the security and availability of your critical data during emergencies. We utilize AWS’s reliable and scalable infrastructure to provide tailored backup solutions and strategic disaster recovery plans. Our ultimate aim is to minimize downtime and data loss by utilizing automated backups, redundant storage across multiple regions, and efficient recovery methods. With our extensive expertise, we safeguard your business against cyber threats, technical issues, and unexpected disasters, ensuring uninterrupted operations and peace of mind in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

The comprehensive Cloud Governance, Security & Compliance service offered by Tech Partner Alliance empowers businesses with the necessary resources to secure their AWS cloud environments. Our approach includes implementing robust governance structures, enforcing stringent security protocols, and ensuring compliance with industry standards through the integration of AWS’s advanced security measures and best practices. We provide customized solutions that effectively safeguard your cloud infrastructure, data, and applications from ever-changing threats. Not only do we prioritize protecting your digital assets, but we also foster a culture of security awareness to meet regulatory requirements and build customer trust by demonstrating a commitment to maintaining data integrity and privacy.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment from Tech Partner Alliance is a crucial first step for businesses considering a switch to the cloud, specifically on AWS. Our comprehensive evaluation assesses your existing IT infrastructure, applications, and operations to determine your readiness for cloud adoption. Through this assessment, we identify strengths and potential challenges, providing a personalized roadmap that aligns with your objectives. This service ensures that your move to the cloud is well-prepared, cost-effective, and in line with your overall goals. With our expertise and support, companies can confidently begin their transition to the cloud and fully leverage the benefits of AWS technology.

Utilizing AWS, the Cloud Data Analytics service from Tech Partner Alliance transforms your data into valuable insights to drive business growth and progression. Our approach effectively utilizes a range of analytics tools offered by AWS to handle, assess, and showcase your dataset, regardless of its scope, velocity, or variety. We customize solutions to suit your specific needs, equipping you with real-time analytics, predictive modeling, and data warehousing capabilities. Leveraging our expertise in AWS data analytics enables companies to discover hidden patterns, industry trends, and customer preferences for informed strategic decision-making and a competitive advantage

Tech Partner Alliance’s AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) offers a comprehensive solution for managing containerized applications in the cloud. This fully managed service streamlines critical tasks such as patching, node provisioning, and updates, guaranteeing that your Kubernetes environments remain secure and current. With our service, you can confidently operate applications at scale, leveraging the trusted security and reliability of Amazon Web Services. By utilizing AWS EKS, companies can prioritize application development and scalability without being burdened by maintaining the underlying infrastructure. This enhances productivity and expedites the release of new features and updates to market.

Unlocking powerful insights and analytics through Tech Partner Alliance’s AWS Data Engineering service involves transforming your data landscape. Our expertise in AWS technologies allows us to provide sophisticated solutions for processing and storing data with accuracy, accessibility, and security. Our tailored approach optimizes your architecture for actionable intelligence, covering all aspects from lakes to warehousing, real-time analytics, and machine learning integrations. With our assistance, you can easily streamline workflows, implement ETL processes, and optimize storage for maximum potential of your data. Trust in us to drive informed decision-making and innovative business strategies for your organization.

Tech Partner Alliance’s Modernization service uses AWS cloud technologies to revamp your legacy systems, preparing them to fulfill both present and future business requirements. Emphasizing enhanced agility, scalability, and efficiency, this all-inclusive service streamlines the transition to advanced architectures such as microservices, serverless computing, and containers. Our methodical approach minimizes hindrances to your operations while maximizing the benefits of the cloud. Our ultimate aim is not only to update your technology stack but also to align your IT infrastructure with strategic business goals, ensuring competitiveness in today’s digital era.

Tech Partner Alliance’s CI/CD service, powered by AWS, revolutionizes software development and deployment. Our streamlined approach automates each step of the application development lifecycle, utilizing cutting-edge AWS DevOps tools. This results in faster releases with increased quality and reduced risk, allowing teams to prioritize customer value over process management. Our innovative CI/CD pipeline implementation enables efficient and frequent merging of changes, backed by automated testing for reliable code. Experience an accelerated time to market with our game-changing software development approach.

Tech Partner Alliance’s AWS Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Delivery service offers an all-inclusive solution for managing your EC2 instances and on-premises servers efficiently. By utilizing AWS Systems Manager, our service provides a centralized view and management of your infrastructure, simplifying day-to-day tasks. From automatic patching to compliance reporting, our solution guarantees systems that meet industry standards in terms of optimization, security, and compliance. By streamlining these procedures, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, prevent downtime, and maintain a robust security stance while reducing traditional IT management expenses.

Our AWS Billing Services at Tech Partner Alliance offer comprehensive management and optimization for your AWS spending. By utilizing our detailed insights into your AWS usage and expenses, we can identify potential cost-saving opportunities. Our personalized recommendations cover resource allocation, reserved instances, and cost allocation tags. Plus, we can assist in setting up budget alerts and automating cost reporting to avoid overspending. With our expert knowledge in AWS billing and cost management, businesses gain improved transparency and control over their cloud expenses. This gives them the ability to strategically allocate resources and maximize their return on cloud investments.

At Techpartner, we possess extensive expertise in advanced networking solutions, catering to diverse client needs in integrating and optimizing their network infrastructure. Our specialized services include setting up AWS Transit Gateway and Direct Connect, facilitating seamless connections across clients’ various AWS accounts and regions, as well as their on-premises environments. This is particularly beneficial for clients needing secure, reliable links to financial services and banks. Furthermore, we are proficient in assisting clients with the transition from IPv4 to IPv6, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration both within AWS and in on-premises or office setups. By leveraging our deep technical knowledge and experience, Techpartner helps clients enhance their network efficiency, security, and performance, enabling them to focus on their core business without the complexities of network management.

AWS Benefits

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides benefits for businesses in the digital marketplace.
  • Its global network of data centers ensures high availability and reliability for applications.
  • Customizable pricing options like pay-as-you-go and reserved instances help manage expenses.
  • AWS offers a wide range of services including computing power, storage, AI, and IoT capabilities.
  • The platform prioritizes security with comprehensive compliance certifications.
  • Scalability, cost efficiency, diverse services, and reliable security make AWS attractive for businesses.

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The TechpartnerAlliance Difference: Why avail of our AWS Cloud Services

By choosing Tech Partner Alliance to be your AWS Cloud Services provider, companies gain access to a unique combination of expertise, tailored solutions, and dedicated support that sets us apart in the cloud services industry. Our extensive knowledge of AWS infrastructure allows us to create personalized solutions that perfectly align with your specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance, security, and cost-effectiveness. Our team of certified AWS professionals is fully committed to delivering excellence through round-the-clock support and proactive management to ensure smooth operations for your business. With Tech Partner Alliance, you can expect strategic insights that fully utilize the potential of AWS, driving innovation and promoting growth within your company. Our approach goes beyond simply offering services; we aim to establish partnerships that drive your business forward into the digital era.

Client Testimonial

Hi Techpartner Team, I would like to extend my appreciation and sincere thanks for the incredible work the team has done over the last year.
On behalf of the team at CNH, we thank you for your dedication and commitment to the project and for the commendable support shown throughout the tenure. It was a pleasure working with you guys and we would love to collaborate again in the future when the opportunity arises.
I wish the TP team all the very best and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Sandeesh S,Senior Director of Engineering @ CNH Care

It is indeed a great collaboration and team work. Appreciate all your ownership and commitment in delivering the project on time !

Sankar T,VP Engineering, Jupiter Money

Techpartner and team have been delivering amazing IT infrastructure support and service at Webaroo over the last few years. The team is very well versed in Datacenter set up and operations including server and network configurations, the system set up and application deployments. They have also great experience in supporting our employee IT needs and security. I would highly recommend them given their great IT infrastructure support and service skills and experience.

Ravi Sundararajan,COO,

When it comes to IT infrastructure, be it scaling or security or optimization, we rely upon and trust Techpartner for each of our need. They have in depth knowledge of every aspect of IT operations and have given us apt solutions as per our need. My unequivocal recommendation to use their service and expertise in the field of IT infrastructure and operations.

Omkar Sathe,Co-founder,

I want to convey that I am very thankful for Techpartner’s support overall, not just for today. They do an astonishing job when there is a problem. I cannot thank them enough for helping me with this. 5 out of 5 stars. Couldn't be any better.

Krish Advani,Co-founder,

I must say that it has been one of the most productive quarters of the IT Ops team. You and your team have done a very good job of streamlining all the IT processes and systems. The IT Ops team of CarWale is gaining lots of learning from you and they are doing very well under your guidance. I believe we will do lots of exciting things together in the coming months. Thanks for associating with us.

Rajeev Kumar,VP Technology,

The Techpartner team understood what working to tight deadlines, under pressure was all about. I can honestly say that the depth of knowledge, service, and professionalism displayed was second-to-none. I would recommend Techpartner Technology to any organisation that needed integrity, commitment, depth of knowledge and experience.

Kadam Jeet,Co-founder,

I was truly impressed by the quality of work and dedication from the Techpartner team, they know their stuff. They helped us migrate our platform to a better setup seamlessly and continue to support us on our Infra and DevOps work.

Naveen Bindal,VP Engineering & IT Systems,

The journey began with us being a very over-simplified Infra spread (several single points of). Within a 2 week period Techpartner helped us jot down and execute a plan that started converting our Infra spread on AWS to look more like that of a professional company should. From setting up the entire deployment behind a VPN to set up the required monitoring tools to giving us appropriate consulting on MySQL and Tomcat deployment best practices, they have added a lot of value to our organisation’s Infra needs. The best part of working with them is the response time that one gets for issue responses. We would highly recommend Techpartner for any organisation’s Infra needs.

Harish Patel,Co-Founder, Vitruvian Technologies

Techpartner is a partner in true sense, someone who can be trusted for all your DevOps needs. I have been using their services for about 4 years now (both at CitrusPay and at EnKash), I have never been disappointed. Their knowledge of AWS cloud infrastructure is very good and they continuously keep trying for newer and more efficient ways to manage workloads. They have earlier helped me migrate workloads from dedicated servers to a cloud environment and then scale it as required. Techpartner has been instrumental in supporting my PCI-DSS requirements as well. I can depend on them when it comes to timely and high-quality deliverables.

Naveen Bindal,Co-founder,

We at Mygola, hired Techpartner to implement and manage our IT resources built on top of Amazon Web Services. This included the usage of Amazon VPC, Load Balancer, S3, Fine-tuned AMI, VPN, LDAP, DB setup and regular backup for Mygola databases and Redis cache. The Techpartner team was also responsible for the day-to-day running of the AWS infrastructure, as well as the provision of technical support for all our technical queries. I would recommend Techpartner to any organisation that is looking for a company that is packed with integrity, commitment, depth of knowledge and experience. I can honestly say that the depth of knowledge, service and professionalism displayed was second-to-none.

Kadam Jeet Jain,VP Engineering, Mygola Technologies

Techpartner is responsive, aligned to customer requirement and all their employees are with customer FIRST approach. Good technical team to support you can rely on then for your infrastructure on 24*7 support in case of emergency.

Rajendra Raut,DGM Information Technology, K Raheja Corp

I have been very fortunate to have them on board with us from day one. Their work ethic and response time is exemplary. It has ensured that as a business owner I am in good hands. I am grateful for the support I have gotten from them and I look forward to a fruitful future partnership.

Yajush Khosla,Partner, Kyssa Farms LLP

Techparter has been a fantastic companion in journey from starting up to scaling up. Thier technical expertise places them as consultanting partners rather than just implementation vendors.

Mitesh Jain,Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Symbo Insurance

The Techpartner team helped us in effectively managing our Cloud infrastructure for over a year. The team helped us lay down the scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure for our applications. They were proactive in resolving the issues faced by our customers and us. Many of the time, the Tech Partner team goes above and beyond expectations on effectively monitoring and managing our cloud services. They ensured minimal to negligible downtime for the servers by placing the right set of tools in utilization.

Bipul SahayVice President & Head of Technology, Medvarsity Online Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Tech Partner Alliance, we offer a wide range of AWS cloud computing solutions including Cloud Optimization, Migration, Strategy & Consulting, Well-Architected Reviews, Managed Services, WAF, DevOps Automation, Graviton Instances, Database Migration & Management, Direct Connect and EKS. We also provide Application Modernization services and specialize in CI/CD Implementation, Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions and Governance & Compliance measures for the cloud environment. Further complementing our services are Cloud Readiness Assessments and Cloud Data Analytics expertise. Our capabilities also extend to AWS Systems Manager support and development of Proof of Concepts to ensure a smooth and successful cloud journey.

Technology Partner Alliance offers comprehensive Cloud Optimization services to help you maximize your Amazon Web Services investment. We analyze current AWS usage to identify inefficiencies and recommend optimizations aligned with AWS best practices to reduce costs while maintaining or enhancing performance.

In addition to monitoring, automation, cloud operations, security, and compliance, Tech Partner Alliance’s AWS Managed Services help you optimize, manage, and secure your AWS infrastructure. By handling cloud management complexities, we ensure your AWS environment runs efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively, so you can focus on your core business activities.

By enhancing their agility, scalability, and efficiency, Tech Partner Alliance’s Modernization services use AWS cloud technologies to upgrade legacy systems and applications. By doing so, we can transition to modern architectures such as microservices, serverless, and containers with minimal disruption while maximizing the benefits of the cloud.

Technology Partner Alliance serves a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, and software.

The AWS cloud computing platform offers global infrastructure, flexible and optimized cost models, a wide range of services for rapid innovation, and industry-leading security and compliance capabilities.

Tech Partner Alliance’s Cloud Data Analytics service turns your data into actionable insights so you can make better decisions using AWS analytics tools. With real-time analytics, predictive modeling, and data warehousing customized to your requirements, you can discover trends and patterns.

Providing deep AWS expertise, customized solutions, 24/7 support, and strategic guidance, Tech Partner Alliance is a trusted partner for unlocking the cloud’s potential.

Tech Partner Alliance also provides services across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more based on client needs.

To design customized cloud solutions, Tech Partner Alliance’s consultative approach ensures we understand every client’s unique requirements rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.