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A pioneer and innovator of eLearning in India, this client is today a leader in this realm. They develop specialised solutions for corporate houses, educational institutions and retail students (B2C – Students) in numerous spheres – synchronous and asynchronous learning, high-end strategy consulting, deployed blended learning, customised content development, cutting-edge web collaboration and more.

Client wanted to migrate to AWS infrastructure as they were not able to scale with physical servers. Also sizing the right resources was challenge with growth demands of e-learning business.

Also without a version control system for code development and growing team size resulted in long release and bug fixing cycles. Production deployment was a manual process which sometimes caused downtime whenever there was a new release to be pushed to production. Due to these challenges, they were keen on having a full-fledged automated process to run the whole cycle of integration, deployment, testing etc.

Since every engineering team worked on their code locally, they faced a challenge to setup up their own Environment identical to production to run test cases.

Since there was no version control, the code development process was already challenging with multiple people working on the same codebase. This led to increased development time, release cycles and bug fixing cycles.

Also, the deployment was a manual process with a development team given access to the production servers and database. This led to a high risk of pushing untested code with no control over ownership.

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